I am not the parent I thought I would be, the parent I thought I would be didn’t lose her shit daily, had children that listened and showed respect, and the house was never ever messy and we had home cooked meals every single day. Isn’t it funny how you can dream up the perfect life for yourself, and then, for some anyway, it just doesn’t turn out that way, not in the slightest.

Its not just the kids that throw tantrums, I’ve been spending all my time with them that I’ve now managed to throw some pretty good ones aswel(they could probably put the kids ones to shame tbh). In all seriousness though, what the hell was I thinking when I thought I would have kids that never did this? I was living in some fantasy world, because let’s be serious, ALL children throw tantrums, so not believe anyone that tells you they have never experienced one, I just would not believe it. Tantrums are part of our daily routine here, they all love a good tantrum(I rock in the corner and wait for it to end usually). I’ve found ignoring said tantrum is a good way of getting over it though, ain’t nobody got time for that kids.

Dont even get me started on the house never being tidy, it is NEVER tidy. It’s just not a sentence I can say, because whenever it is tidy it lasts for all of 5 minutes before toys are thrown about the place, a drink has been spilt and some sort of food is either squished or crumbs flying everywhere. Toys are the worst, put the toys away that they aren’t touching, turn away for 2 seconds and they are back out again and I’m like, but you weren’t even playing with them?! But you are wrong, and they definitely were playing with the toys. And all the little bits, the lego, the little peppa figures, they are everywhere I look, in my bed, in the bath, on the sofa, all over the floor, EVERYWHERE. They then go to bed and normality has resumed, until the morning when as soon as they get into the living room, a bomb has went off again and I stand and think, what have I signed up for?

Cooking? Pffft, 2-3 times a week maybe, most of the time it’s a freezer meal or some good old beans on toast! I ain’t got time for that every night. How can one cook when she usually has a child hanging from her? Or one at her feet making her trip up every 2 seconds? It’s impossible it is, and it usually ends up in me being a big sweaty mess and that ain’t nice for anybody! I probably make a good 3 different meals a day because nobody eats the same thing in this house, nobody can just ever eat the one meal that is offered, no, they have to have a choice.

We can all dream up how our life is going to be, but in reality, unless you get lucky, you might end up like me. In a flat that isn’t big enough for your family, with kids that make a shit load of mess and don’t listen to a word you say. It’s fun though(sometimes) x

1 thought on “Parenting

  1. It’s like you’ve come into my house! Always nice to know it isn’t ‘just you’. Thank you for this brilliant post.


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