Oh, you have your hands full

Some people take offence to this, I don’t, because it really is true. When people see me out and about, you can guarantee I have a child either throwing a tantrum/moaning/crying, if not, probably running away from me. It is very rare that I have a trip out that is completely stress free, but then I do have 3 young children. So, whenever someone says that to me, instead of getting upset or whatever, I just laugh and agree and say, yes, yes I bloody do!

Life with 3 is hard, I mean, I haven’t found it much harder than life with 2, but still, it’s challenging to say the least. Throw in my mental health problems and well, it’s just a good old laugh me trying to control a 2 year old who is going through some weird stage that I just am not enjoying. I thought we would be getting a bit better since she is coming up 3, but so far, it’s looking like it might just get worse before it gets better. A 6 year old who has some teenage attitude problem going on, seriously, he is a right little pest right now! The only one that doesn’t really give me much trouble is the smallest one, she just is an easy/chilled child! And trust me that was needed after her sister, because WOW, she has been trouble since the day she was born! I mean that in the nicest way, but hospital trips, reflux, sleepless nights, boob monster! I love her though, but yes, serious trouble she is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the absolute chaos that is my life, and I know that I would much rather be here with them, than working a full time job and not having them! Working full time can wait for now, part time does me nicely, I get to go to work and have little break and some adult conversation, and then I also get to spend days with the kids on the days I am not at work. Life is about to get a bit more calm, for atleast 3 hours a day soon when the 2 year old starts nursery after summer, scary stuff! It will just be me and the littlest, I’ve kind of forgot what it’s like to only have one child around!

As I’ve said it’s hard, oh so hard, but so worth it! The random cuddles, hearing them say love you, knowing that they need you, just as much as you need them. So if anyone is sick of hearing the ‘you have your hands full’ don’t take offence to it, laugh, because if your anything like me then you probably do! X

1 thought on “Oh, you have your hands full

  1. Very nice perspective! It’s tiresome hearing moms complain about things people say. You’re right, we DO have our hands full!! 😛 😀

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