I have a problem….

It’s not a bad one, well I don’t think so anyway, but it is a problem as I know the said problem will break my heart. I can’t get rid of this ‘broody’ feeling, I want one more baby, but then I’m worried that once I have this other baby, I then might feel I need another one, and then I’m back at square one again with the feeling of needing more.

Ever since I was young I’ve had this broody feeling, from as long as I can remember. I knew that one thing I wanted for sure was to be a mum, it’s all I ever wanted. Now I have it, I love it and I want the big huge house, with the big family to fill it! I’ve always wanted a big family, lots of kids running about, but I know that in reality it’s probably just going to be the 3, maybe the 4 if I’m lucky and can convince craig!

I often wonder if this feeling will ever go away, like do you ever really feel done with having babies? I’d probably be like that family with 20 odd kids if I had it my way😅! I know some people have one and decide that is enough, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me! My whole family say 3 is enough, and for some people that is probably the perfect amount, but I love the sound of 4 me, you know, even numbers and all that’

You never know, I might never even be lucky enough to have another, so even having 3 is amazing for me and I’m forever grateful that they are all fit and healthy and that’s the most important! I also just love the excitement of it all, preparing for a new baby, giving birth, the wee bubble you go in just after the birth, I love it all! Maybe not the pain much, but everything else I love.

Is it something I will ever get over or is it something I am always going to feel no matter how many children I have? If I am to have anymore though I only 3 year to squeeze one more in as I don’t want anymore after I turn 30! So maybe once I hit 30 the feeling will go, since I’ve always said no more after I hit that age! And that’s nothing against anyone who has one at that age, I just don’t want that big an age gap between my first born and my youngest! Keep your fingers crossed I can convince Craig to one more, I’m going to say no though as he is pretty set in his ways! X

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