It’s not real…

I think that’s something we all need to try and remember, social media isn’t real life. I could go on and pretend that my day has been fabulous, and my kids didn’t act like Satan’s offspring, but that would more or likely be a lie, because they act like that the majority of the day. I could go and tell you that I have an amazing job doing what I love, when in reality I work in a supermarket and I mean it’s fine, but it’s not what I pictured doing when I was younger.

I often get asked how you ‘gain’ more followers on Instagram, and tbh I don’t know, because if you want the truth, growing up I was never one of the ‘popular’ ones, infact I barely had any friends atal. I had a few, but I definitely wasn’t one of the ones that everyone rushed to become friends with(what a loss eh, I’m bloody amazing🙄🤣)! Joking obviously, but yeah, school was tough for me and I didn’t like it all that much, I couldn’t wait to leave! That’s something else we need to remember though, yes I may have what is considered a good amount of followers, but in reality, I have 2-3 friends to my name.

I love social media, Instagram in particular, but it seems some people take it all a little too serious, and then make people feel like they have to then leave social media because they are being ‘targeted’ by what is meant to be adults but I’m not sure if you can call them thay when they are doing playground behaviour. A story is a little portion of someone’s day, remember how many hours is in a day, you aren’t even getting half an hour worth of stories from someone, yet some people then go on and judge someone’s parenting.

Sure we all see things on social media and might not agree with what someone is doing, but does that give anyone the right to then go on and blast them all over stories/posts, whatever? If it was something major then of course, but I mean the things I see people being judged over are pathetic. I’ve had messages for letting my child eat some crisps at 10am, but when my 2 year old is legit throwing a tantrum and acting crazy af if a packet of crisps is going to shut her up for more than 5 minutes then I’m gonna do that.

You get the perfect mother’s on Instagram, who’s kids can do no wrong, and then you get the ones like me, who admit when said children are being little shitheads. You won’t catch me not on my stories having a moan, I mean one day I even stood in my 2 year olds poo, barefoot may I add! Now come on, that deserves a good rant doesn’t it?! I’m all for showing what it is like, with 3 kids ages 6 and under, it isn’t easy, and it is so much more harder than I could of ever anticipated, but it’s my life and I love it. Remember though, I show you what I want to show you, I leave out lots, and that is the same with the majority of people on Instagram. Some people show only the good, to make it look like nothing ever goes wrong for them and they have the most perfect life, with the best behaved kids, but I can guarantee at some point during the ‘perfect’ day they have had to stop themself from going crazy🙃.

Be you, show what you want on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, but always remember, it isn’t real life. If you want to see a real day in the life with me, then you are more than welcome to come join in the absolute mayhem, but I can guarantee after half an hour you would run for the hills and avoid ever talking to me again😅x

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