We all want better, right?

We all want the best for our children, we would give anything to make sure they had anything and everything they could possibly need and more. A nice big house, plenty toys, a good education, lovely clothes; the lot. Some people will make them self skint just to make sure that the kids have everything. In my case, that’s kinda what I do.

You see, I never grew up in a nice big house, infact, I grew up in a block of flats, which I seriously hated growing up. I didn’t want to ever bring anyone around, I thought it was embarrassing. I’d see my friends with the nice houses, cars, the lot, yet we stayed in flats. We never had money, we never went on holiday, we never did any of those things, and when I was younger I used to wonder why, but now that I am the adult, with the 3 young children, it all makes sense.

I work 16 hours, which once I get paid £200 of that goes right to my rent, and then the rest is bills, phone, internet council tax etc. Once that is paid it’s all gone, kinda crazy that if I didn’t work I wouldn’t have to pay rent, but still, that isn’t enough for me to give up working. I would never judge someone for not working, that’s down to that persons family and if they have childcare that allows them to go out to work, but me personally, I like knowing I’m going out and making even just a little bit money to help towards the cost of my kids.

I sometimes get the whole, wow I can’t believe you are a single mum and still go away to work, but that’s just what I’ve always known. Everyone in my family works, my mum always went right back rock work after having kids, and I’ve done the exact same. Also, I feel I need it for my own sanity, it gets me some adult conversation, otherwise I’d legitimately talk to nobody except my kids, which some people might think sounds like a dream but hell no, give me a break couple hours a week I’ll take it!

Money is tight for me, I’m in serious debt, and honestly, it makes me completely miserable. I’m doing my best to get myself out of the shit situation I have found myself in, I’ve cried so much over it, gotten myself so stressed out over it, but I will sort it, for my kids and for myself. I would love to think that one day I will live comfortably and money won’t be a worry, but who knows, maybe it will always be this way for me. Hopefully once the kids are all at school I can go away to college and try and get into something that makes me a bit more money, and also be able to work more than 16 hours. Right now though, I’m stretching my petty wage as far as it can go, and sometimes relying on help from others.

Honestly, money isn’t everything, I mean sure, it would maybe make me a little happier, but you know what makes me happiest of all? It’s seeing those little people I made with a big smile on their faces. So yeah, we might all want better, but as long as we have our health, that’s the main thing. Appreciate being healthy, appreciate having healthy children, and you never know what’s in store for you(hopefully a debt free life for me)! X

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