Let’s talk routine

Or in my case, lack of it. When I started off, when it was just me and the little guy, we just did whatever, whenever and nothing really mattered. He didn’t start nursery till 12 so we could laze about all morning and not have to get up and get sorted. I didn’t start work till later, my earliest start was 12, so I had no reason to jump out bed bright and early to start my day. Now though, I don’t think I could function without some sort of routine, but that, I’m still trying to work out!

I got myself sorted with just 2 kids, and a school run Monday-Friday, plus work on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, and then before I knew it another one was coming along to join in the chaos that is our life. Let’s just say panic mode set in, how was I meant to get this little human to have a feed at the right moments so she didn’t cry on the school run, let me just say that took a good few weeks for me to sort out and we did have a few meltdowns, from me and the baby(plus the 2 year old, we can’t leave out her tantrums cause wow, they are pretty impressive if I do say so myself)!

That baby of mine now though, is nearly one and I can say that we have some sort of routine, it isn’t perfect, and I don’t stick to it every single night, but it definitely is a huge help and completely makes me feel less anxious and stressed! I mean, if we could wake up a little later than we do I sure would appreciate that, but hey, when they are teenagers and want to sleep let’s just say this mumma will be out for revenge!

We start our morning anywhere from 5-6am, it’s ysually always around 5:45 I get a slap in the face though(oh the joys of co-sleeping, I still have a heart 3 year old in my bed, hence the reason the newest arrivial didn’t even get a look in, straight in her next 2 me she went, I wasn’t having another bed invader!)and as soon as I open my eyes I hear the words ‘good morning darling’ as she wakes up her little sister and I lie wondering if I will ever have a day that not all children wake up all at once. We lie in bed for a bit, because if I’m honest with you, I don’t want to get out of bed, I’d much rather stay in it till atleast 7! 6 I can guarantee though that we are up and I’m taking the breakfast orders, and when I say orders I amnt joking, if my daughter doesn’t get her strawberries shit will well and truly hit the fan!

I let the kids chill till around half 7, when it’s time to get them all dressed and then I’ll jump in the shower and get myself sorted! We need to be out the house and downstairs for no later than 8:30 if we are to make it to school on time. The school run is always fun, we more than likely have a few meltdowns and I will switch off and imagine I am lying on a beach and not trying to avoid dog shit with my buggy. I usually always head back home after the school run, as well, I don’t have anything else to do if I’m honest. So it’s home to try and keep a 2 year old and a nearly 1 year old amused(not an easy job)! Lunch time is 12, I fight with the girls to try and get them to eat, anything, other than toast or crisps, they are fussy as hell and it drives me mad, but they more than likely win the battle and I will give in and give them what they have near enough every couple days. I always end up heading off to the shop before having to go collect my son from school again at 3 so we wander to the shop, and then go and collect my son who then proceeds to tell me he has done nothing all day at school, just played supposedly(I smell bullshit but what do I know)and then as soon as we get in the door it’s homework time!

Now, the time I dread 3:30 onwards, my daughter is usually moaning and tired by this point, and will no doubt follow me about the house will I try to make dinner etc, she will probably throw a strop and I will start wishing her time was not so far away. Some fighting will no doubt be going on while I make tea, I will then put the kids in naughty corner probably about 50 times before I give up and lock myself in the bathroom(joking of course but trust me I’ve been tempted)! After tea it’s bath time, and then the girls go to bed rather early(6pm)but I’m not complaining cause it then gives me an hour with Riley before he goes to bed and I then spend the next however long putting a wash on, tidying up, doing dishes, and then hanging the washing out and dragging myself to bed for 9pm!

I know, I know, what an exciting life right?! X

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