Where am I going wrong…

The question I ask myself near enough everyday. What am I doing wrong? Why am I finding this whole terrible two stage so challenging this time around? It’s pretty easy to say that I was fooled the first time around, god parenting was easy with my son, a walk in the park. I’d of bragged to everyone about how he never cried, never moaned, never threw tantrums, listened to me and was just such a good child, so when the second child came along I thought that I would have the same experience. God was I wrong.

The tantrums I’ve experienced this time around have been something else, is this what I get for always saying how easy it was with my son? I feel like this is a nice little slap in the face with reality saying just cause one child is easy, doesn’t mean your others will be. I used to look at children having a tantrum in the shop and think to myself why isn’t the mum doing anything? Now I know why, when your child is rolling around the ground throwing the mother of all tantrums, all you can really do is wait it out, or bribe, but do we really want to have to keep bribing our children to get them to do what we want? I just feel like that isn’t going to make things any better in the long run, but don’t get me wrong, sometimes if I’m in a rush, a bribe will just need to be done.

I’m not saying my daughter is a naughty child, cause she isn’t, she is the sweetest most caring little girl, she always tells me she loves me and gives me cuddles, just when the tiredness kicks in she goes from a little angel, to the spawn of Satan. She isn’t the only one, her brother sure has turned into a little monster at times, let’s just say he has devoleped a serious attitude, 6 going on 16 I say. The youngest, well for now she’s good as gold, but let’s see if I’m still saying that when the terrible twos come around for her. Also, she is watching her sister ain’t she, I sense a devil child in the making with this one, who knows, she might surprise me though.

It does make me question if I’m doing anything wrong though, I see mums happy and smiling away, doing arts and crafts and singing nursery rhymes and looking forward to the days, when somedays, I’m just looking forward to a break. Does that make me a bad mum? I wouldn’t say so, I’m just tired, I still don’t get a full nights sleep though so that’s to be expected. I just remind myself that it won’t be like this forever, and while it is all so challenging, it is all so lovely at the same time. I would do anything to see them all smiling, even if at times I feel like running for the hills.



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