So, I’ll start by saying my last blog post was wrote when I didn’t quite know how things would turn out, when I was in a dark place because I honestly thought I would never have the one person who made me feel like everything would always be ok. Things are kinda looking up I suppose, which I couldn’t be happier about. We aren’t living together no, we aren’t even officially ‘together’, but the fact we are working towards that makes me feel that maybe, just maybe, 2019 might be a bit of a better year for me.

My biggest will turn 7, my middle will turn 3, and my youngest will turn 1. We will have a family holiday(with the in-laws and uncle and auntie along for the journey), our first baby girlie will start nursery and my Riley will go into primary 3! I can’t quite believe it, I remember him starting school like it was yesterday. I don’t know what the year will bring for us, all I want is for us to all be happy, truly happy. A year with no hurt, I’ve not had that since 2015! 2016 I had severe depression and anxiety, 2017 I lost my dad, last year me and Craig obviously went through a bit and resulted in us splitting, so I just pray that this one is different.

A bigger house maybe? Hopefully anyway! Our little 2 bedroom flat just isn’t doing it for us anymore. Being able to work things out with Craig and him moving back in would be the best, our kids continuing to do the best they can do in school/nursery/dancing and whatever else they get up too! Me learning to deal better with my anxiety/depression would also be amazing! And who knows, maybe another baby lyon(what do use think🤣)! Nah, maybe next year eh?! I think my mum and Craig would do runners if that was to happen, and I’m not even joking!

One other thing I’d like in 2019, is to get this blog back up and running, when I first started I was posting all the time, then me and Craig split and I was struggling so much to juggle it all, god was it a shock to my system to be alone! Finally though, I feel I’m getting the hang of it(only took several months)!


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