To work, or not to work?

So, for me, the answer would be work, and that purely is because, I need it for my own sanity. I enjoy work, not because I actually have a good job, because lets be serious, I do not have a good job, I’m a sales assistant, its rubbish, and the money isn’t great either, and also seriously, you don’t half get tested in a job dealing with the public, the amount of times I’ve had rude customers is unreal, and in work, you can’t exactly say anything to them can you? The thing I do enjoy, is the people I work with, and not just that, but you do actually get some lovely customers, who I can spend a good 5-10 minutes talking too(that is when you don’t get looks from the management for talking haha).

Work has given me confidence I never had before, I would of never had the confidence before to talk to people I don’t know, but in my job, that is something you just have to do isn’t it. So not only is it great for confidence, but also, it just gives me someone else to talk too, other than my kids. Not that talking to my kids isn’t great, but if it wasn’t for work, I honestly wouldn’t see anyone else other than them and craig, and the one friend that I actually see, when we have the time because we both have 3 kids so that is a little hard!

Obviously for a mother to be able to work, we need something called childcare, if you do not have any family/friends to help out, that means you either need to pay for private nursery, or wait until they are in school. When I first had riley, my choice for childcare was 2 half days in private nursery, and one day spent with his gran, but I couldn’t afford to then send his sister in also when she came along, so I just kept him in, and had to rely on family to watch his sister. Once he graduated and moved onto school, I didn’t bother sending his sister, as the cost was just ridiculous for 2 half days, I mean, £63 a week, bloody ridiculous. I instead, got my mum, and my partners mum to help out, which thankfully they did, otherwise I just wouldn’t of been able to return.

So now, the question is, do I return now I am a mother of 3? Thats something I’ve had to think about, as, I’ve lost my main baby sitter(my mum, and I’m kind of devastated). Im thinking about changing my shifts, so then I can get my sister to watch the girls one day, but then it means I will be losing a day of work, and its just so hard. They want people to work, but don’t make it affordable for people to be able to return, so I either, switch my shifts and then drop a day, or I pay for the girls to go to private nursery, which just seems pointless because I would then be getting paid to just give it away again for the nursery. Ah, decisions decisions, I still have a couple month to figure out what I’m going to do, but I hope I can return, we will see I suppose. x

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