Breast or bottle, the big debate

God, this is a tough one isn’t it. So many people have so many opinions on what is right and wrong, and, you feel like sometimes you have to watch what you say as to not offend anyone. For me, the saying, fed is best is one I agree with. Sometimes, breastfeeding doesn’t work for someone, and why should they be made to feel bad about that? And other times, maybe they just don’t want too, and that should be ok aswel. I have tried to breastfeed all my children, 2 went perfectly, and my youngest baby, unfortunately we just didn’t get to go down that path.

I was still breastfeeding my daughter when my youngest baby came along, and tbh, I really wasn’t feeling the whole ‘tandem feeding’ and right up until the birth I was bottle feeding, that was, until she was born and I had a change of heart, so, when asked what I wanted too do I said breastfeed. Our first few feeds went ok, I found it a little difficult though because I was used to my 1 year old(she was 1 when her sister was born)feeding, who was obviously a pro by now and had no difficulties what so ever. So to now have this little baby who needed to be held differently and needing a lot more patience when feeding, so it was a little hard to get used too.

5 hours after birth, she was taken away from me to go to neonatal unit, and after some blood work I got told she needed to have some formula as her blood sugar levels were low, great I thought. That whole night she had formula through a feeding tube, and then by 10am when we went to visit her, she still had the tube in, and we waited patiently for her siblings to come visit, and once her sister came in, I decided that this time around, bottle feeding is maybe going to be the option for us this time around, as sad and as hard as that was for me. I was already struggling with the whole breastfeeding with my other daughter as it was as I had been trying to get her too stop for a while and I just thought her seeing me breastfeeding this new baby would make her jealous and not want too stop.

Guess what, 5 month later, she still hasn’t stopped. Honestly, I do feel sad that I didn’t do it this time around, but, I get help this time, something I’ve never had the other times, which I seriously needed. A little help goes a long way, and when you are sleep deprived with 2 other kids too look after, the help is seriously appreciated. It has been met with a lot of, aw thats a shame that you’ve breastfed the other 2 and not her, which I don’t think is nice, or fair, because I’ve done what I felt was right for my family and I just feel that thats all that should matter. Nobody should be made to feel bad for anything they have done, if they are happy, then thats all that should matter.

I found myself actually trying to hide the fact that I was bottle feeding this time at first, because I thought I would be judged, how sad is that? I was making sure you couldn’t see any bottles in the background of my stories, or pictures, for the fear of what people might say or think. When in reality all that matters is, a  happy mum = a happy baby, right? X

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