The birth of our youngest…

So, as I left it in my last post, it was the day before my due date, I woke up at my usual half 6, got the kids ready and made my way to school. I ranted to my friend yet again about how I’ve no signs and I’m more than likely going to go over my due date, and I wasn’t best impressed. I was child free so by 10am I took myself to bed, and went for what was meant to be a nap, but I ended up sleeping till 2:30pm, oops! I got up, phoned craig and asked if he could bring me in some ice cream, which he said was fine because he had just finished work and would be home soon. I ran myself a bath, got a book and jumped in waiting for craig.

Soon after I got into the bath I realised that the slight pains I had before I went in wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t in anyway sore, just like light period cramps, but I couldn’t get comfy in the bath, so I phoned craig again, told him to forget about the ice cream and come home, he was already in the shop so said he  would buy the things he already picked up and would head home. I quickly washed my hair, and jumped out the bath, and by the time I got out, 2 minutes later, craig got to me. When he got to me I was leaning over the bath contracting but I was like nah it’s not a contraction(he panics and I couldn’t be bothered with panicking haha)I just got myself dried, dressed, and went into the living room, by this point it was about 10 past 3 and I thought it was best to phone my mum, just with how quick my labour went last time. Thankfully she was having riley for me that day so when we phoned to say I had went into labour she just came over with him for me and my sister came up too mine aswel.

The pain was all in my back, and I had to have a hot water bottle held against my back to try and ease the back pain a bit. Once my mum got to me she decided to start timing the contractions, I had already got an app on my phone, and I noticed how all over the place the contractions were. 4 minutes, 3 minutes, lasting 30 seconds, and then 60 seconds. I started blow drying my hair, and just sort of zoning out to try and keep calm, which I think I did pretty well. It got to 20 past 4 and my mum and craig kept nagging at me to let them phone triage, but I still wasn’t convinced it was anything much, because of them being all over the place, so I told them no and that I want to leave it a little while longer. It got to 10 to 5 though, and I would soon learn to regret that decsision, we could not get through to them, my mum tried over and over again and nothing, god was I fuming. After 10 minutes of trying I said nope I don’t care I’m going too the hospital now, so off I stormed down the stairs to have the worst car journey ever. I don’t know about anybody else but sitting down while having serious pressure in your bum is horrific.

This baby was coming, and it was coming now, we needed to get to the hospital asap, but it was a thursday, and it was 5pm. Rush hour traffic, I could of cried, we went through arthur seat and that has a cycle path, but guess what, a cyclist was just taking his god damn time just cycling on the road, I had to stop myself from hanging out the car window shouting abuse. Then, craig started panicking because I started pushing, I couldn’t help it, my body was just naturally doing it, so, he cut infront of someone, who started peeping the horn and craig was fuming, and I was fuming, and it was terrible. We finally got to the hospital, craig dropped us off outside, and had to quickly go and park the car. In the reception was a couple waiting to be seen, but the guy took one look at me, and said to the lady on reception take her first. I could barely walk at this point, so I was leaning onto a seat, and the lady on reception had the cheek to say, did use phone first? We tried, about 50 times, maybe you should answer the phone when it actually rings.

A midwife came over with a wheelchair, and I jumped onto it and they wheeled me into the birth centre, and it was a quick hello to the ladies who would be helping me, and then down to business. They wanted my trousers off but I couldn’t do it, I could barely move never mind bend to take my trousers off, but my waters broke so I really had no choice. They got me to lean over this bean bag, and got me pushing right away, god this hurt the most out of all my births, it felt like my hips couldn’t move any further apart if they tried. I just remember saying its too sore, I hate this over and over again. I will add we got to the hospital at 5:17pm, and after a bit of pushing, at 5:26, our beautiful baby girl was born. I remember when she came out, just looking at craig and saying what is it? And then crying when he told me it was another baby girl, god I was so in love, she was perfect.

For the first time after one of my births, my placenta caused me a bit of trouble. I got the injection to help it come out, but it wasn’t cooperating atal. They got me sanitary towels soaked in something that was meant to help me contract to get it out, that didn’t help, and I got told I had 5 minutes to see if we could get it out and if not we would need to get the doctor in, I was so scared, I didn’t even get the hold our baby for long, 10 minutes before she was passed to craig because of the placenta, I was so emotional. After 30 minutes, they moved me to the toilet, god that was a strange feeling waddling to the toilet with the placenta still inside me and them holding it while I hold a pad underneath me. They got me to push while sitting on the toilet, and still nothing, so that was it they told me, they would need to get the doctor. I started crying even more at this point, birth scares me, because I know things can go so wrong, and I thought thats what was happening to me. Thankfully though, they gave me one last try, and it finally came out. God was I relieved. I needed a few stitches, not as many as last time thankfully, but it still seriously hurt! I love reading birth stories, and unfortunately thats the last one I have.. for now anyway! x

1 thought on “The birth of our youngest…

  1. This sounds so much like my birth with Finley, i almost gave birth in the car! i was only pushing for 8 minutes in the hospital before he was born and it hurt so much more than my labour with aria!


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