Another baby, so soon?!

It was just a couple of months past my youngest babies birthday, and we had just been too watch the kids in the gala day, and then we went off to the shows. I went on the waltzers, this other fast ride thing, and came off feeling terrible, and then I thought, when was the last time I had a period? My period had just came back for the first time the month before this one, so I wasn’t too concerned, but just thought because of how I was feeling, maybe we should get a test just too be sure. Off me and craig wandered to the shops, we left the kids with granny while we went and we joked about how not funny it would be if it turned out I was pregnant, one because our daughter had just turned one and I was just recovering from post natal depression, and two, because we stayed in a two bedroom small flat.

I got my trusty b&m strip test again, and me and craig locked ourself in the bathroom, I did the test, passed it too him, and by the time I stood up he said, it’s positive. Nah it’s not I said, it can’t be, don’t lie please cause this isn’t something too lie about, and he went jade I’m being serious. I grabbed that test out his hand, said oh no about 50 times, and then burst into tears, I just remember saying what am I going to do? I can’t have another baby, I’ve just gotten better, and I ran outside to break the news to my mum, if you have read my other pregnancy posts you will know this is something I have never done before 17-18 week, and now I was about to tell her before I was even 6 weeks. It’s safe too say she did not take it well, I mean, why would she? She just went through a terrible time with me and I was just starting too feel better.

So many people knew before I had even had my scan this time, and that made me anxious because after getting over the shock, I was so excited about adding another baby to our family, and I felt by telling everyone, we would jinx it and something bad would happen. Now, when we went to our midwife appointment, she advised me to get advice about my anti depressants I was on, as, some can be harmful to baby, so I booked my appointment and they told me they wanted me to start weaning myself off them as they wouldn’t be any good, as the side effects are, birth and heart defects. Great, just what I needed, but I started to try and come off them. I had an appointment due to my blood disorder at the hospital, and when I was in, they ended up asking me if I was on any medication which I was, so they went and got the psychiatrist, who told me that infact, I could stay on my tablets and all they would suggest is me trying to wean off them a couple weeks before birth. He said, yes they do have side effects, but we would much rather you stay happy and feeling good during the pregnancy than feel terrible again, and the chances of side effects are incredibly low.

Believe it or not, we finally got a pregnancy when I didn’t have to go to the epu, shock as I have been every other time, so when the time finally came for our scan I was seriously nervous. We had the nicest man do our scan, and everything looked absolutely perfect, I did ask how the heart looked due to my tablets and a risk of heart defects, he told me he can’t tell yet, and they would get me a more detailed scan at 22 weeks to check for any problems. The next 8 weeks went by pretty fast, and I had a huge bump right away near enough, I couldn’t wait for my 20 week scan, and craig couldn’t wait to find out if it was another girl or a baby boy we would be getting. In the end though, I decided I didn’t want to know, and its the best thing I’ve ever done and if I ever get pregnant again it would be another surprise baby for us.

Our more detailed scan was fine, everything looked normal and we got told we could relax a bit and try not too worry, easier said than done though. I had terrible spd during this pregnancy, moving became such a chore, and work was hard aswel, especially as my job is kiosk, so that means standing, standing for over 5 hours sucked especially the further on I got. Apart from sickness, and spd though, it was fine. I did complain a lot, and basically spent the last 10 weeks moaning, poor craig huh?! I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to go very early, my bump hadn’t dropped, and I had no signs whatsoever which sucked. I was ready to get the baby out by 38 weeks but typical, that came and went, and then 39 weeks, and then the day before due date, I thought, great, I’m not having this baby anytime soon. The day before due date turned out to be a pretty good day though….. X

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