Good old instagram

Isn’t it funny how we as people get sucked in to the whole ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ thing. Like it matters you know because having thousands of followers totally means you are popular right? Well, if that was true, I’m pretty sure I would have more than one ‘real’ friend to my name, clearly, that kinda shows it isn’t always true. It’s easy to believe things you see online, the perfect pictures, of the perfect kids with the captions that make you sit and think, where am I going wrong? I very much doubt though, that was the complete reality for that day.

Before not too long ago, you would of never caught me saying I was having a bad day, because you know, we are all meant to be supermums aren’t we? If only! My kids can be hard work and I would never deny that. Sometimes, I contemplate running away, other times, Ive been known to lock myself in the bathroom and have a cry, because I’ve had the day from hell with the kids. That’s not me saying that they are always like that of course, because at times they can be little angels and we can have the best days, but near enough once a day one child will have a meltdown, and I suppose thats just reality when you have more than one child, because they can annoy the s*** out of each other.

So many people now are so obsessed with gaining followers, that they play the follow to unfollow game, why does it matter so much now? Does it mean you are a better person just because you have more followers than someone? Does it mean you are more happy? I very much doubt it, because instead of just enjoying what you have, you are too busy trying to increase the numbers. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not me saying that I amn’t incredibly grateful when I do gain followers because of course I am, I love the compliments I get, and I love knowing that people like the fact that I’m real, and honest about this whole motherhood thing.

Put it this way, whether you have 100 followers, or 1,000 followers, I really don’t think it matters. Along as you are enjoying uploading whatever it is that you upload, whether that being photo’s of your kids, or of your home, then that’s the main thing. I feel some people hold back on uploading a picture they might really love because it doesn’t go with the ‘theme’ of their page, which is why I don’t have a theme, because if I have a picture I love, I’m uploading it. I love getting dm’s from people, and I love having conversations, as majority of my day is spent with kids and talking about xbox, or peppa, or any of that rubbish that kids like to talk about.

Instagram allows us to show whatever it is we want, and if you have genuine followers who engage and like/comment then consider yourself extremely lucky. I love engaging with everyone I follow, and I comment when I can, you can make some really good friends through it, and what’s better than making friends huh?! Don’t get too caught up on ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ just enjoy uploading and engaging with the followers you do have and that’s the main thing that matters. 5 likes or 100, it doesn’t matter. X


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