What is better?

A big age gap, or a little age gap? For me, I have bits I enjoy, and things I do not enjoy. With the 4 year age gap, it was definitely the fact that riley didn’t need me much, as he turned 4 not long after she was born, so he was a lot more independent, and for the fact he went to nursery, 2 days full time, and the other 3 days just for 3 hours. The downside, for me, is probably the fact that now he is 6, and has a right little attitude and personality, that he is finding his sister annoying now. She constantly wants to play with him, or occasionally can get frustrated at him, and lash out, so I do find that part a bit hard because in a way I can understand why he doesn’t want to have her in his face constantly, but then I don’t want to constantly be telling her no just leave riley.

The smaller age gap, has been a little testing, for the fact that I have 2 young kids, the age gap is under 2 years, and they both need me a lot still. At 2, she wants a lot off attention, is always asking for me to play, and doesn’t quite understand when I say, I’m busy with your sister just now, can you just wait a little bit? Then, I also feel I am rushing the time with the baby, doing everything as quickly as possible, so I can get her sister or brother etc, which makes me incredibly sad as the baby stage does not last long atal. The good thing though is, she absolutely adores her, is constantly wanting to give her cuddles and kisses, and is just such a sweet big sister. And riley, well he adores the baby stage, so is currently loving his baby sister, will that last much longer? More than likely not when she is crawling and annoying the life out of him.

If I was to do it all over again, I would definitely go for the smaller age gap again, I think, but then again, if I waited, pretty sure I could get riley to be my baby sitter(just kidding). More than likely though, it would be a smaller age gap again, but not anything less than 2 year I don’t think. I think its a personal preference, different things work for different people, what works for one, might not work for others. I believe, that anything life throws at you, you can adapt and get through, even if it one point you may find it a little difficult. So, if I’m lucky enough to have another one, then it will hopefully be a 3 year age gap, I think that sounds like a good one to go for, but unless our money and house situation change in the next 2 years, then that won’t be possible for us, god that makes m to sad! X

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