One in four..

One in four people will experience a miscarriage, doesn’t that sound like a lot? I am one of those people, and lets just say, my experience wasn’t the best, not that anyones is mind, but my first miscarriage was a tad traumatic to say the least. The pregnancy wasn’t the best, I was only 17, and I felt so drained throughout it all, from the moment I found out, till the moment it ended. I found out around, 7-8 weeks, and told everyone pretty much right away(this is the main reason that I kept my other pregnancies quiet, because I was scared of something like this happening again and haven’t to tell everyone)!

Off I took myself to the doctors, and got booked in with the midwifes, and was told to wait for my appointment, I was already 10 weeks at this point, so I was going to be getting appointments later than ‘normal’. I got my appointments through, and in the end, I never made it to any of them, as at 11 weeks, I started bleeding, so I got booked in for a scan and had to wait for that. By the time that came around, I already knew by the amount of bleeding that this wasn’t going to end well, and I was right. As soon as they started the scan it was clear to see that this wasn’t good news for me, and tbh, my experience was terrible, I got given a leaflet, got told a little information about what to expect, and sent on my way, I was in and out within 20 minutes.

I thought I had got through the worst of it within 3 days, as I stopped bleeding, and stopped having any pain. Boy, was I wrong, I went to bed that day I stopped bleeding, and woke up in the middle of the night, feeling definitely damp so thought I had just had a big bleed so went through to the bathroom, when it was quite apparent that what I was experiencing was not normal. I can only describe it as a blood bath, I was pouring, and it was not stopping. I shouted for my mum, and she came through, and told me to get back through the room and she would phone the hospital for advice. I was shaking at this point, and felt absolutely terrible. It was decided on the phone that I needed to come in and be seen, as it didn’t sound like my bleeding would be stopping anytime soon.

We had to go in a taxi, highly embarrassing, we had to take a towel for me to sit on to make sure I wouldn’t leak all over the seats. When we got in I got taken to a room, and got told I would more than likely need an emergency d&c, much to my upset, they told me they would give it half an hour, but if it didn’t stop by then I would have no choice. I remember lying on the bed, and this lady pulling clots out of me, it was horrific. Unfortunately, not even that stopped the bleeding, and after losing over 1 litre of blood, they weren’t going to leave it any longer and I needed to go for that dreaded d&c. Obviously, I don’t remember much, I got put to sleep, and when I came round I was back in my room, with my mum sleeping on a chair, and my boyfriend at the time sleeping on another one. I felt terrible for days after, and was on iron tablets, and honestly, that was so scary and horrific, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

For a few days after I just felt tired, and sad obviously, my heart broke because from a young age I knew all I wanted to be was a mum, and yet, I was having that took away from me. I’m so incredibly grateful that in the end, my dream came true and I got what I’ve always wanted, 3 beautiful kiddies, how lucky is that? 3 amazingly, healthy, gorgeous kids.

Obviously, everyones experience is different, this was just mine, I’ve also experienced another miscarriage that was in no way as bad as this one, I will of course write about that in another post soon, so you can see a different side to one. x


2 thoughts on “One in four..

  1. You are so brave Jade! ♥️


  2. Very brave Jade❤❤


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