Labour the 2nd time around

So, it was half 6, and I woke up with what felt like light period pains, but nothing sore or major, so I got myself up and started running a bath, while my bath was running I tried to wake craig up, who was having none of it, he grunted, and then rolled over. Great I thought, so I phoned my mum just to tell her what was happening incase it was labour, but I didn’t think it was, so I told her id keep her up to date and hung up. I jumped into the bath at around 6:45, and lasted all of 2 minutes before I jumped back out of the bath, and went into the room to wake craig up again. This time he got up, but not because he was concerned, he got up because he wanted to get ready for work. Typical man, doesn’t worry about a thing.

I just walked around for a bit, as the pain got worse, and at 7:15 i caved and phoned my mum as I was scared, because all of a sudden, these pains wouldn’t stop, coming thick and fast, and I had pressure. Craig got on the phone to triage, who asked the usual questions, like when did the pain start, and had the cheek to say that I can’t be that dilated as my labour just started 50 minutes ago, Oh i was fuming and started shouting at craig, while crawling around on the ground from the back pain I was experiencing. She then told craig to put the phone on loud speaker so she could time the contractions herself, but after 2, she soon said phone an ambulance now, so craig did, and then he got told to get me onto the bed, get towels, and get me stripped.

Shit, what was happening I thought, craig can not deliver this baby, no way in hell is craig delivering this child. I was crying from being so petrified, I didn’t need to worry too much though as, a few minutes later the door went, it was the ambulance, oh thank-god! Then 2 minutes later up rocks my mum thinking wtf? How did we go from being on the phone to me not that long ago, to now having an ambulance here. It was 2 men, and I just thought aw great, why could it not be 2 ladies? Or a lady and a man, but then another contraction hit and I couldn’t of cared less. They took a look, and decided to try and get me to the hospital to deliver.

Could I walk? Could I hell, all I had on was pj bottoms, and my bra, and my housecoat, and I got downstair to see that the ambulance had blocked the road, and rush hour traffic from everyone trying to get to work is no good, especially when you have a bus full of people staring at you while you waddle to the ambulance having contractions. Just as I was about to step on the ambulance my waters broke, to make it all worse, craig had to go and drop riley off with my sister, and in doing so he may miss the birth, but it was a risk we had to take. I got given gas&air, and I held the paramedics hand, while trying not to push because I wanted to make it to the hospital, but god it was hard. We made it, and we got to the reception and nobody was around, I was like wtf?! The paramedic had to run to find someone, and eventually a wee old lady came wandering in to buzz is through to the birth centre(which btw was amazing and so much better than the labour ward)! We had 2 midwifes waiting, and as soon as we got in they got me on the bed, checked the heartbeat and told me to start pushing.

Craig was still not here at this point, and I said to my mum, where is he? Phone him now, he was just outside thankfully, and on the way in he seen the paramedics who told him to run as he was about to miss it. In craig came, and around a minute later, our beautiful baby girl was born. What a crazy birth, it was great though, as much as it was scary. I needed stitches again, shock horror, not surpsingily though considering she was a big 9lb, the little chunk that she was. x

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