An oops baby

I sent craig to the shops, and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take this test, so that I could show my real emotion when I seen the result. Now this makes me feel terrible saying this now when she is here with me, but honestly, I was not ready for a baby, I had just got offered my own flat, I had so much plans of how I wanted to do up the flat, and I just didn’t feel ready, especially as me and craig had only been back together a few month. Off I went and locked myself in the bathroom, took the cheap and cheerful b&m strip test, and near enough right away, it had 2 lines, shit was my reaction.

Craig wandered in the door, and I told him, I took a test, its positive, what are we going to do and a cried, and he’s crying, and he’s hugging me, and I’m like why are you crying? He said I’m so happy, and I was thinking, what do you mean you are so happy? Im crying cause I’m shocked, and didn’t know what to do, and he’s crying cause he’s over the moon. Its safe to say that day was a bit awkward, and I just sort of stayed quiet and didn’t think about it. Craig kept bringing the conversation up and soon I realised, that this might be a terrible timing situation, but this is all I could of dreamed off, I am back with the man of my dreams, why am I upset over this?!

After letting it sink in, I was soon overjoyed about the baby, but yet again, that happiness soon turned to worry, I was now bleeding, god I can’t just have a nice pregnancy with no worry can I? Off we went to the epu(early pregnancy unit) and back into that room, I just had my fingers crossed that this time, it would end in a healthy baby(before this pregnancy I had another miscarriage when I was still with rileys dad). We went in and they said I was measuring a week behind so I would need to go back in a weeks time to see if everything was ok. Thankfully when we went back everything still looked good, and we made it to 12 weeks with no complications.

Again, this was still a hidden pregnancy, so only me and craig knew, so after the 12 week scan it was just us who got to be overly excited, and I continued to keep it hidden until 17 weeks again, but this time I told my mu face to face, infront of other family so she couldn’t go mad, and I cried, why I cried though I really don’t know. She was fine after a while, I mean who doesn’t love a baby?! It was soon time for our 20 week scan and we found out we would be getting a baby girl, I was over the moon and as soon as we got home I got on next and ordered clothes, I couldn’t help myself.

My pregnancy was pretty straight forward, I felt dreadful, I was huge, was sick throughout the whole pregnancy, and I just ended up a pretty big mess in the end, emotional and moody. We got to 40 weeks and I had to go to a different place for my midwife appointment this week and not my usual midwife, who had previously told me I would be offered a sweep, but, I got there and she said I couldn’t have one, I was not impressed and told craig I didn’t want to go back to her next week I wanted my normal midwife. Thankfully though, 2 days after that appointment, I went into labour, I was over the moon, obviously, the labour, is all for another post isn’t it x

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