Me and Craig

Ah, me and Craig, what a journey we have been on to eventually end up back together. Its pretty easy for me to say that craig was always the one for me, the one who I wanted to be with forever(shame he didn’t feel the same haha). Funnily enough we met when he was meeting my friend, I was pretty drunk, and told my friend that he wasn’t nice atal and she should most definitely not go near, and no, not because I wanted him for myself, it was actually because I somehow believed that, god knows how. Anyway, he obviously fancied the pants of me because he soon added me on msn & bebo, unfortunately for him though, I had myself a boyfriend at the time, which obviously didn’t last and a few weeks later I was single, and guess who was messaging me right away, ah yes, you guessed it!

We totally got on webcam and I was like, term, this is not the guy I seen that night cause he was looking gorgeous if I do say so myself. So, I was totally like, you are meeting me tomorrow cause I want myself a bit of that, and he agreed and the next again day we met uptown. All I really remember from that day is kissing him about 15,000 times, and smacking him in the face with the wii remote while playing tennis(oops). He asked me to be his girlfriend pretty much right away and we spent the next 6 months with each other constantly(now I will add, I was 15 at the time, he was 17, and I pretty much lost all my friends through spending all my time with craig and I would not recommend anyone doing that)! Craig pretty much realised that after 7 month it was all a bit too much and he ended it with me, silly old me had left myself with nobody, he still had all his friends as he was going out at night times once he left mines, I was still in school and doing exams so didn’t do any of that.

We didn’t spend much time apart before we then got back together for a further 3 month, and again, he left me(terrible right). We spent the next 2 years apart as I got with someone else, 6 month after me and that guy split, you guessed it, back together again! God I clearly just couldn’t stay away from him huh, I won’t even tell you who left who, use can all guess I’m sure. That was january 2011, and then that was the end of us, as in march, I got with rileys dad, who I spent the next 3 and a bit years with. I am going to say craig spent the majority of this time miserable, because I was a taken lady and could no longer be swept of my feet.

Lets just say, after me and rileys dad split up, me and craig soon ended up back together, and yes, not long after that I was back in love with his nippy ass and finally happy again after a pretty bad split up. God I felt so lucky, he just accepted riley so easily, and they got on so well, and that made me love him even more. He’s all I could ever ask for, and now, my family feels so complete, a house, an engagement and 2 oops babies later, here we are, still together and completely in love. x

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