The labour and delivery of the first born

So, if you haven’t seen my previous post you may want to go for a read, but basically, I had just been told I was going to be induced and I had just had my sweep. After the sweep I had a pretty big bleed, so I told my mum and she rung the buzzer and a midwife came along and had a look down the loo, the water was now very red. She said they will leave inducing me for now and just pop me back on the monitor, boo! I was not happy at needing to be on this, I wanted to be able to move around, but now that was out the window. So, back on the monitor I went, and after 20 minutes this rude ass midwife came in, she said your having contractions now, and I said, oh am I, and she said yeah can you not feel them no? I said no, and she went strange and buggered off again, she pissed me off, never mind though, she was away and I didn’t see her again thankfully. It was around 8:45pm and this lovely midwife came in to check the trace, and said I was definitely contracting and she was going to see if I had dilated anymore since the last check. I was now 3cm, and I could be moved to the ward for my waters to be broken.

At the ward I met the midwife who was going to be looking after me, she was an older lady and seemed nice enough. My waters got broke and I was offered pain relief but I didn’t want any yet as I wasn’t feeling much. I was back on that monitor and I would end up spending my whole labour on it. I spent my labour just sort of getting through it, not really making much noise and just lying down. After about 2 hours I asked for some pain relief and got some paracetamol, didn’t even touch the sides that. After a further 2 hours I was getting frustrated as I felt like I needed a poo, so I took myself off the monitor and waddled to the toilet, and while sitting on the toilet, practically naked, I projectile vomited all over the floor. My mum at this point was screaming at me, saying get off the toilet you don’t need a poo its the baby and rung for the midwife again. That scared me as I was thinking how is it the baby, I’ve only been in labour for 4 hours 15 minutes, isn’t this meant to last ages?

The midwife came in and said she would check me but she didn’t think I would be 10cm as I’ve not been in labour long and I’ve barely made any noise. Turns out I was though, and I surprisingly had just been pretty silent throughout, that all though, was about to change. The pushing feeling was horrendous for me, it was so sore and I just felt like crying, and pushing did not come easy for me either. I could feel him moving when I pushed, but then when I stopped I could feel him going back up again, that was terrible. I continued to push for 40 minutes but nothing was happening, and I got told babies heartbeat was dipping with every contraction so safest thing was for her to give me an episiotomy, my god did that hurt! With that though, the head came out, and with my next contraction he was here! I cried, I was for one, shocked that I had just managed to give birth, secondly that I was in labour for all of 5 hours, and thirdly, that I had managed to produce something so gorgeous. He was 7lbs 8.5ozs, 53 cms, and had a little bit of blonde hair, but mostly just looked bald! I needed stitches, which hurt like hell getting done, and after was pretty terrible aswel, but thankfully after a couple days I felt as good as new.


1 thought on “The labour and delivery of the first born

  1. I am so jealous of your birth! My birth was horrendous & has put me off having more đŸ¤£


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