Lets start at the beginning..

So, my journey into this thing we call parenting started in 2011, when an 18 year old me, took around 10 pregnancy tests just to double check that I wasn’t seeing things! Lets just say a lot of money was spent, but i sort of had my reasons(I had previously experienced a miscarriage, will write more about that in another post)so me being me, I continued to test even after a week of positive tests as I thought I would lose this baby too! At around 6 weeks pregnant my worst fear happened, I was bleeding, and not only that, I was in serious pain! So, as it was too late to phone doctor or epc, we took ourselves up to a&e, now I know, nothing can be done to prevent a miscarriage, but I was petrified what happened in my previous miscarriage might happen again to me. We went up and got seen pretty much right away, lets just say my experience wasn’t great and I basically got told I was experiencing a ectopic pregnancy and I would be called and offered an emergency scan in the morning.

The wait to be seen was horrendous, and that room made me sad, being back in that room of sadness! I call it that, because for me, that’s what it was. This time though, it turned out to not bring bad news and instead, we got to see our little baby! I was over the moon, and we got given the due date of the 4th of april. The next weeks dragged waiting for our 12 week scan, and I spent a lot of time running back and forward to the toilet as I would convince myself I was bleeding(thankfully I never was). I had pretty bad morning sickness, and since we still hadn’t told anyone I was expecting, I had to try and hide the fact that I felt terrible. The 12 week scan was perfect, and everything looked good, and I continued to hide the fact I was pregnant from everyone, including my family. I hid it pretty well it seems, as I eventually caved and told her when I was nearly 18 weeks, and I did it the worst way, through text. I was scared for her reaction as I knew she didn’t want me to end up like her, she had me at 17, but she took it pretty well tbh. She told the rest of the family for me, and then work(we work in the same place).

My pregnancy was amazing, apart from the sickness, it was all pretty easy. At our 20 week scan we found out that finally, a boy would be added to our family, I have 2 sisters, and only 3 boy cousins, so we really needed a boy in the gang! Everyone was over the moon, and the shopping started to spoil our boy. The next few weeks went by pretty quickly, as I worked near enough everyday, trying to get as much money as possible, and also, because I hated saying no when i got put on the spot and asked if I wanted to do overtime so always said yes. Once I got to 28 weeks pregnant, and still pretty much looked my normal size, it was decided I would be sent for a growth scan, everything turned out to be fine, and in the end I ended up having 2 more growth scans, he was obviously just a good hider cause nothing was ever a concern at the scans.

When I got to 38 weeks pregnant I had some bleeding, and had not felt the baby move much atal, so I phoned triage and was advised to go up to be checked over. We had a pretty big wait, 2 hours to be exact before we got taken into a room to be put on the monitor, and then his heart beat was fine, but nobody and nothing was getting him moving, I should add I was with his dads mum at the time as his dad was at college and I didn’t see the need for him to leave as thought everything would be fine. After a further hour on the monitor it was then decided it would be best for me to stay in overnight, so I phoned my mum who said she would come up and visit me, and sent his dads mum away to pick him up and bring him to see me. While she was away and I was waiting on my mum, I got asked if I would be ok to have a scan to check fluid around baby, I had no problems with that, and it was during that they noticed the fluid wasn’t great so they would instead like to induce me. I got given a sweep and told I was 2cms dilated, and that they would come back in an hour once my mum and partner was up and start the process.

My next post will be my birth story, so I will end this one here. x

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